Dorgem Enhancements

A few years ago I added some functionality to the famous webcam capturing software dorgem.

I wanted to add my changes to the original sourceforge dorgem, but I couldn't get cooporation from the founder of the account there.

So, I am supplying both sources and a new binary (Dorgem version 2.1.2) that include the changes.

The main changes are:

You can now set the sensitivity threshold of changes in the pics that will be recorded:
The log box shows you the amount of picture changes done from the previous trigger, this will help you set the new threshold setting to the desired value (e.g., moving leaves in trees & passing cars can be ignored by setting this value).

In addition, I fixed some bugs in the directory creation method and allowed using the date time variables in the directory name too.

The FTP feature unfortuanately is still bugy and I recommend just storing the pictures in a directory that is setup as a dropbox (google it) - its a free and much easier way to backup pics to the internet than using FTP.

Enjoy !